Dead Marines No Longer Make the Headline

by James Glaser
February 21, 2006

The New Your Times headline on Monday reads:

"Attacks Kill 20 in Iraq as U.S. Warns Against Divisions."

It isn't until you get into the article that it reads, "at least 20 people were killed in insurgent attacks today, including a Marine." Including a Marine? It wasn't all that long ago that the death of one of our troops was a story in itself, but American troops have been dying in George Bush's wars for four years now, and their deaths have, sad to say, become common news.

Almost every day and for sure on the Sunday morning news programs, Bush administration propagandists are talking about how good things are going in Iraq. That is not the truth! Those people are hitting the news shows trying to bolster support for Bush's failed aggression on Iraq.

Things are not going well in Iraq. From all reports, insurgent attacks are up, electrical power is down. Civilian deaths are up, and American troop losses are too. The insurgency grows and private religious militias are a bigger problem with members infiltrating the new Iraqi army. The almost constant state of combat in Iraq is taking its toll on every Iraqi, and the common man sees no end in sight. Day in and day out about twenty Iraqis are being killed and for sure a higher number (nobody knows the exact number) of Iraqis are maimed in the violence every day.

For that matter, we don't even know how many American troops are wounded each day. Those killed still make it into an article about the war, whereas the wounded Americans never have been news worthy.

Often you can read about some unidentified group of Iraqis found dead, with hands tied behind their backs and a bullet to the head execution style. Although Washington is loath to admit it, Death Squads are cropping up on every side of the civil war going on in that country.

America has come very close to destroying Iraq. That may very well be George Bush's legacy.... George Bush—The Man Who Destroyed Iraq

When the deaths of American Soldiers and Marines are no longer headline news to the American people, it is time to end the war, because the loss of their life means so little.

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