Christian Nation?

by James Glaser
March 2, 2006

Attorneys with the Center for Constitutional Rights had to go to court to attempt to stop the torture going on at America's Guantanamo Bay prison camp.

Here is what the Center for Constitutional Rights say we are doing to one prisoner.

"Forcibly strapped Mr. Bawazir into a restraint chair, tying his legs, arms, head, and midsection to the chair"

"Inserted a feeding tube that was larger than the tube previously left in Mr. Bawazir's nose, increasing the pain of the insertion and extraction."

"Poured four bottles of water into his stomach through the nasal gastric tube every time he was fed though Mr, Bawazir has never refused to drink water by mouth."

"Restrained Mr. Bawazir in the chair for extended periods at each feeding."

"Denied Mr. Bawazir access to a toilet while he was restrained and then for an additional hour or more after he was released from the chair."

"Placed Mr. Bawazir in Solitary confinement."

That is us, you and me, we are doing that to prisoners in our prisons. Yes our elected officials passed a law outlawing treatment like this, but our President says that he has the right to order these things, and he does. And you know what? He is doing these things in our names.

Our "Christian" country tortures people and we now do it often. New Abu Ghraip prison torture photos were just released, but there wasn't much of an outcry, you see torture by Americans is common place now. The whole world knows that torture is an American tool now.

I think to be honest, we should no longer call ourselves Christians.

Oh yeah, Mr Bawazir has been imprisoned without charges for over three years. Imagine what we do to people who we have actually been charged with breaking the law!

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