We are Facing a New Baby Boom

by James Glaser
March 27, 2006

Hundreds of thousands of people in an American city, marching with Mexican flags, shouting in Spanish, and demanding their rights!

This march happened in Los Angeles, and on a smaller scale, in many other American cities this past weekend. There are reports that anywhere from 10 to 20 million illegal immigrants are living and working here, raising their families. It is a huge sudden bulge in our population. Now Washington is starting to worry about these millions of people, these millions of people who broke our laws to get here.

The reason Washington noticed these people, is because American citizens have started complaining about the burden they have added to our education and health systems. Also these uninvited workers from south of the border no longer work the low paying jobs that were historically theirs, like farm labor. With millions of them, and technology changes in agriculture, these workers are now taking skilled labor jobs, and with their willingness to work for low pay, they depress all wages in the construction sector.

President Bush would have us believe that these people are here only to work the jobs that Americans don't want. It is kind of like George's claim about Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq. By making that claim we now know George Bush was either lying to us, or he was given bad intelligence. The same is true with the "jobs Americans don't want" story. Either the President is lying, or the people telling him what is going on in America are lying to him. Either way, the President is wrong again.

All over the South, Mexican construction crews are working the jobs we would hope our sons and daughters could get. It is the same in Northern Minnesota, the Midwest, the North East, all over America.

Jobs that were good paying are now being worked for far less money by those millions of people who broke the law to come here and work.

With the shipment of good paying American manufacturing jobs over seas, the construction trades are one of the last high paying manual labor sectors of our economy. Right now, carpenters in the South are making less per hour that I did, doing the same work, twenty years ago.

Both big and small businesses love the cheap labor the influx of Mexicans has brought to this country, but we are losing our middle class, and soon America will have two classes of people, the "haves" and the "have-nots."

These Mexicans will not be returning to Mexico after they have lived here for awhile. That is another myth given to us by Washington. Those people want citizenship for themselves and their children.

What we are facing is a new baby boom in this country, only this time it is a Mexican one.

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