The Truth Always Seems To Find A Way To Come Out

by James Glaser
March 30, 2006

Jody Casey got out of the army this month and is now protesting the Iraq War. You won't be able to read about Casey and the other Iraqi vets protesting this war in the American media because the American media doesn't cover stories like that. The Guardian/UK does, and in a March 29, 2006 article written by Inigo Gilmore and Teresa Smith, Jody Casey is quoted as saying, "I have seen innocent people killed. IEDs go off and [you] just zap any farmer that is close by."

When Casey was asked "what upset him the most about Iraq," he said, "The total disregard for human life." The article goes on with, "He says that soldiers who served in his area before his unit's arrival recommended them to keep spades on their vehicles so that if they killed innocent Iraqis, they could throw a spade off them to give the appearance that the dead Iraqi was digging a hole for a roadside bomb."

The Guardian interviewed Michael Blake who served in Iraq from April 2003 to March 2004. "Blake says the turning point for him came when his unit spent eight hours guarding a group of Iraqi women and children whose men were being questioned. He recalls, 'The men were taken away and the women were screaming and crying, and I remember thinking: this was exactly what Saddam used to do—and now we're doing it.' Blake went on with, 'I'll never be normal again. I'll always have a sense of guilt.'"

Later on Michael Blake explained, "When IEDS [Improvised Explosive Devices] would go off by the side of the road, the instructions were—or the practice was—to basically shoot up the landscape, anything that moved. And that kind of thing would happen a lot."

It is a shame that the American news media won't cover this part of our war, and because of that most Americans will remain in the dark about what happens in all wars. People in any country that has experienced a war know what is going on in Iraq. They know we are killing innocent civilians. They know this because in every war more civilians get killed than the troops fighting in the war.

Even though our media and our politicians in Washington try to keep us in the dark about what is really happening over there, the truth has a way of coming out into the light. Every American war veteran knows what is going on, and they also know the price our troops must pay for their time in combat. Years from now books will be written and movies will be made about George Bush's War. Those written and made in the USA might glorify what we have done, but now-a-days, there is an audience for the truth and foreign writers and production companies will be out there with something closer to it.

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