by James Glaser
April 5, 2006

A couple of days ago my sister called in the middle of the night, which is always a bad sign, and she told me that my mother was in the hospital after having a heart attack. Mom is 87, so things were looking bad.

The next day a different sister called to tell me that my mom's heart suffered massive damage, and she could die at any minute. I'm 1500 miles away and know I have to get up there, if not for my mom, at least for my sisters.

Then early this morning the first sister calls to tell me that things are looking up, and that they have taken my mother off the oxygen and one of the heart medicines, she is sitting up and eating.

My mom is tough, but she is 87. This afternoon her ninety two year old sister visited her, and come to find out her doctor is in his nineties too.

So, I don't know what is really happening up there, and I am off to investigate. I know because of Charmaine's death how hard it is to get real good information from any doctor. They always want to have an opening for what ever happens. Plus there is the fact that they are hard to get hold of. You can sit there with your loved one all day, and leave for just a few minutes to get a bite to eat, and sure enough, that is when the doctor comes. I think they wait for everyone to leave and they quick rush in the room.

Well I'm not getting any good information about what is really happening so I am heading up north in the AM, and will not be writing every day for a bit, but when I find out what is what I'll write a note here.

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