We Are Under Attack!

by James Glaser
April 10, 2006

"US immigrants mobilizing for major 'action'"

Daniel B. Woods wrote that headline for the Christian Science Monitor and told about event planned in 90 cities today.

LOS ANGELES—In Los Angeles, Eun Sook Lee will march on behalf of Korean illegal immigrants, at least 50,000, living in southern California. On Boston Common, Punam Rogers will join other Indian émigrés, as well as business clients and students from China, Germany, and Britain. In Fort Lauderdale, Fla., Ivalier Duvra will take to the streets to draw attention to Haitian newcomers who he says need refugee status.

Here we were thinking the problem was with Mexicans flooding across the border, and now we find out that the whole world is coming here, and what do you think will happen when amnesty in one form or another is given the millions here already?

Why stay in Iraq or any other hell hole if you have even a small chance for the holy grail of American citizenship? When Congress and the White House start giving out "Guest Worker" cards and pamphlets on how to apply for citizenship, the calls will go out to every brother, sister, son, or daughter back in the old country that now is the time to come.

Washington talks about dividing workers into groups based on how long the person has been here. If they broke the law getting here, how honest will they be if the prize of citizenship is based on "time in country?"

America is our country to give away, it is our choice right now, but after Congress votes on new immigration reform, our voices will mean nothing. If you stand by and quietly voice your opinion, those marching in the streets of America will shout you down. Now is the time to call your Senators and Representatives. If you wait, you may very well lose the country you love so much.

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