Thank You George, I Appreciate That

by James Glaser
April 12, 2006

President George Bush told the country on Monday that he declassified information that justified our going to war in Iraq back in 2003. He said, "I thought it was important for people to get a better sense for why I was saying what I was saying in my speeches. And I felt I could do so without jeopardizing ongoing intelligence matters."

Now that is all fine and good. The President of the United States wanted to keep the citizens informed about why he was sending our troops off to war. That is fine and good, except when he declassified that information, he didn't tell anyone he did except for the Vice-President and his aide, Scooter Libby. At that same time George Bush was telling the nation that anyone leaking classified information from the White House would be fired.

Now three years later George tells us that there were no leaks, and that everything was on the up and up because he declassified everything we thought were leaks, before they were leaked.... so there couldn't have been a leak. No, I am not making this up!

On top of not leaking classified information, the Vice-President's office also leaked the fact that former diplomat Joseph Wilson's wife was really an undercover CIA agent. President Bush has not explained why they did that, but I am sure that he soon will come up with some sort of answer for that question.

Today George Bush is running around the country telling everyone that we have to watch out for Iran, and these speeches almost sound like a rerun of his talks about how we had to attack Iraq. I hope when he declassifies this new information that makes him think Iran is such a threat, he lets more than a select few reporters know about it. I also hope he doesn't drop the dime on some other American Agent working clandestinely for our government.

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