Could George Bush Use Nuclear Weapons
Will George Finally Win One?

by James Glaser
April 13, 2006

Seymour Hersh brought the subject up in an article in The New Yorker where he talks about the Bush administration considering the use of tactical nuclear weapons on Iran. Many people blow this off saying that using nuclear weapons is unthinkable, but is it?

We are talking George Bush here, and if you think about it, George still has his manhood to prove. George attacked Iraq trying to out do his war hero father, who won the first Gulf War, but never captured Saddam Hussein. George W., our current President, managed to capture Saddam, and things were looking up. But now that his war has fallen apart, it looks like 'W' is going to lose this one.

Like it or not, you have to remember that George W. Bush deserted from the National Guard during the Vietnam War. He heard his nation's call and walked away. That was fine then because of all the anti-war sentiment in the country, and with family political power, he was able to get rid of much of the evidence against him. (service records, military medical records, and performance reports)

What George hasn't been able to do is get that shame out of his mind. Dad was a hero! Dad bailed out this younger George throughout his life. Plus Dad and his friends helped put the younger George in power. It was Daddy's friends and George's brother who took over when things looked bad in Florida back in 2000.

Because of the shame of his lack of real military service, this younger George Bush has surrounded himself with other men who never heard their Nation's call to arms during the Vietnam War. Colin Powell was the exception, but he was eased out.

Dick Cheney, Scooter Libby, Karl Rove, and Paul Wolfowitz all turned a deaf ear to their nation's call when they were of military service age, but like the President, they are more than willing to send others off to die.

So, we are back to the original question, would George Bush ever use nuclear weapons to attack Iran... or anyone else?

So far in his war on terrorism George Bush has used cluster bombs, chemical weapons, depleted uranium, fuel-air bombs, and torture. Plus he refuses to go along with the rest of the world and outlaw land mines. Let's face it, George Bush is headed to hell for what he has done to the innocent civilians of Iraq already, why not for sure make history and drop a "big one"?

George Bush has no first-hand idea of the horrors of war, nor does he have anyone on his staff who could remind him of those horrors. Bush can not comprehend what he is doing to the people in Iraq, so he certainly can't understand what a nuclear attack will do to Iran.

George still wants to be a hero like his dad. George still wants to win one. I bet George even wants a medal. Saving America from Iran will give George W. what he has always wanted.... at least in his mind it will.

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