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by James Glaser
April 24, 2006

Save Those Pennies

According to Floyd Norris, of the New York Times, it now costs our government 1.4 cents to make a penny. The metal in a penny costs more than twice as much as it did last year. It surely is a good thing that a penny is no longer made out of copper, or we would be losing even more on every one produced.

Marines Are the Best

For almost a month now George Bush has been giving speeches to civilian audiences, and his poll numbers have fallen to a new low. Now only 33% of the public has confidence in our President. Sunday, George Bush got back on track and gave a talk to an audience who appreciates him. The Marines at the Twenty Nine Palms Marine Air Ground Combat Center in California were treated to a speech by George Bush.

Having been a Marine, I can attest to the fact that most Marines have little knowledge of politics or current events. The Marine Corps keeps you very busy learning how to follow orders and how to kill people. Killing people is the Marine Corps' number one job. When the Commander-in-Chief comes to your base you had better be looking sharp and cheering every time an officer starts clapping. Bush must be hoping that sound bites from new talks to the troops will raise his poll numbers.

Black Activists Join the Minutemen

CBS News reports, "Several black activists plan to join members of the Minutemen Project to protest immigration, which organizer Ted Hayes touted as the biggest threat to blacks in America since slavery."

A protest organized by the Cripus Attucks Brigade and the American Black Citizens Opposed to Immigration Invasion is to start at 1 p. m. Sunday. CBS goes on with, "Hayes, a homeless activist, alleged that most homeless people in Los Angeles are black and illegal immigration compounds the problem since blacks refuse to accept the slave wages that many illegal immigrants accept."

A Name Behind This Charge

Tyler Drumheller, a retired CIA operative, told Agence France Presse, "The Central Intelligence Agency warned US President George W. Bush before the Iraq war that it had reliable information the government of Saddam Hussein had no weapons of mass destruction."

Drumheller went on to say, "Top White House officials simply brushed off the warning, saying we're 'no longer interested' in intelligence and that the policy toward Iraq had been already set."

Sadly, Something to Think About When You Get Up

When you get up tomorrow morning, stop and think, maybe say a prayer for the 18 Americans who will be killed or wounded in Iraq during the day. That has been the daily average for the past three plus years.

Sunday's's Headlines on Iraq

"10 Bodies Found in Iraq"

"Bombing of Marketplace Kills Two Iraqis"

"Roadside Bomb Kills Three in Northern Iraq"

"Death Squads Target Baghdad's Garbagemen"

"8 US Troops Killed in 24 Hours"

Osama Still Out There

Even though five years ago George Bush said we would get Osama bin Laden "Dead or Alive," bin Laden is still out there some where telling the Muslim world to keep attacking us. Sunday, Osama's newest audio tape was played around the world, and every American media outlet carried the story. Does that man have a good press agent or what?

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