Sad To Say, We Are Losing It

by James Glaser
May 2, 2006

We are losing America. That would be the United States of America. I understand the millions of people who come here illegally to get a piece of the pie. I even understand how corporations want those millions here, who will work for low wages, but those people pouring in from our southern border, will destroy the country we have today.

America is made up of immigrants, but these illegals are different. The millions coming here now no longer want to become Americans. What they want is to change parts of the United States into little enclaves of their home country.

Sure China Town is a tourist attraction, but do we really want a Little Tijuana in every city big and small across this country? That is what we are getting.

From now on high school students can forget about finding a summer job, or even an after school one. Mexicans will be taking them. You want to make it in America in the future, well you better learn Spanish, because those workers coming in are not about to learn English. . . they don't need to. They can now demand citizenship, and both major parties will cave to their wishes, because we love that cheap labor. . . even if it does cost us our country.

Post Script: I have no idea of what happened to my web page yesterday, it was just gone, but it came back on tonight. So, I wrote these thoughts after listening to NPR's running story on immigrant protests today, where thousands of law breakers marched in the streets of many American cities as the police watched and did nothing.

If you are from south of the border, America's Rule of Law means nothing.

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