You're Five Years Late George

by James Glaser
May 15, 2006

George Bush has been President for over five years now, and in that time it is estimated that over five million illegal aliens have come into our country over our southern border.

Bush was Governor of Texas before he took office in Washington, so he knew what was what with people flooding across our border, and now five years later he has decided to start doing something about it.

So much for keeping our country safe!

Republicans and Democrats have let this flood of illegal workers come to this country, because international corporations have told them to. Those corporations want cheap labor, and they tell Washington to do nothing to protect or borders. That has been going on for decades, only now the flood of humanity coming here is so great that the average American is being hurt by this cheap labor.

American citizens are forming groups like the Minute Men, to protect our border because Washington won't. People from every walk of life are writing and calling their Congressman and the President, telling them to close our border.

George Bush woke up to the fact that this is an election year, and while he can't stop the constant killing and maiming of American service men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan, he can make noise about the border.

No one knows how many millions of illegals are here, but estimates range from 12 to 20 million. George Bush is thinking of shutting the door, but really he is five years too late.

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