Bonus Time for the Lobbyist

by James Glaser
May 18, 2006

The Senate passed a bill yesterday that will give millions of illegal aliens a chance at citizenship. Let me qualify that, if one of these illegal aliens commits three misdemeanors or a felony, on top of the law he or she broke by sneaking in to our country, on top of the laws broken by using forged documents to get a job, well the Senate says those people can't get citizenship. Those who just broke the law sneaking in and using forged documents, well the Senate wants those people to have a chance at becoming citizens.

Here is where the bonus comes in for which ever lobbyist did the work on this bill. Someone got the Senate to add millions of dollars to build a "triple-layered fence" that will be 370 miles long. Never mind that our border with Mexico is 2,000 miles long, and 370 miles of fence will still leave 1,630 miles of open border, because some company is going to make a bundle off any amount of fence we build.

President Bush talked about high-tec equipment that will help the Border Patrol find people sneaking in here. Yes, I know the Mexican border is almost all desert, and you can spot movement all along there with a pair of binoculars during the day, and night vision goggles after dark, but some lobbyist has sold the idea to the President and now the Senate that we need all sorts of high-buck equipment to do what another 30,000 Border Patrol agents could do. The deal is the high-tec method will cost more money, and in Washington, that is what makes things work . . . more money.

The Border Patrol won't get the people it needs to do the real job of closing the border. Instead, they are going to get 6,000 National Guardsmen. Sending those Guardsmen tells me that we don't really want to close our border, and building only 370 miles of fence tells me the same thing. The whole border thing is a scam by Washington to throw some more money at the problem, and some time in the future we can look at a real fix, which will cost even more money.

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