"American Torture Camps"

by James Glaser
May 23, 2006

That's what I googled, "American Torture Camps," and it came up with 9,840,000 hits. There are stories about how the world's opinion of the United States is going down hill. Well, the stories about how we torture people is a prime example of why.

Some of the pages that pop up are, "My Hell In Camp X-Ray," "US Imperialism's Torture Camp Horrors," Torture American Style," "The Ugly Truth of Camp Cropper," and "UN Blasts American 'Torture' In Iraq."

When Americans think of torture, they think of Hitler and the Gestapo or the Japanese prison camps because of all the movies made about torture in WW II.

Today, when the rest of the world thinks about torture, they think of George Bush, the United States, and our CIA with its secret torture prisons all over the world. That is how far we have fallen.

When people think about torture, America is lumped in with Hitler, the Gestapo, and the Bataan Death March. There is no way we can refute the pictures of our victims that have traveled the internet these last few years. American guards with hooded Iraqi prisoners or American guards with naked Iraqi prisoners, even American guards with dead prisoners. Any one of them is damning.

Our country's name and reputation, heck every American's name and reputation has been soiled by the torture camps that we run.

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