I Was Just Wondering

by James Glaser
May 24, 2006

I was wondering, who are the terrorists of this world? I know the people who attacked us on 9/11 we terrorists, and the people who planned that attack are terrorists too, but is terrorism a one way street, and is all terrorism coming from one direction?

President Bush thinks it is important that we understand that we are in a global war against, as he puts it, "a totalitarian group of people who will kill innocent life, there or here, in order to achieve an objective."

For the last several years, with George Bush as our Commander-in-Chief, we have been at war in Iraq. Our objective there keeps changing. First it was to get rid of Weapons of Mass Destruction, but when we found out there were no weapons, our objective changed. Next our objective in this war was to get rid of Saddam Hussein, but when we did that, our objective changed again. Our new stated objective was to bring democracy to the Iraqi people, but when we did that our objective changed again. Today our objective is to train the Iraqi army and police well enough so that the government we installed can stay in power.

All through the years of this war that George Bush started, and has kept going with his change in objectives, we have been killing thousands of innocent civilians. Actually doing the thing that Bush claims makes a terrorist.

If you look at America from the other side, (any place out of the United States) you can look at us as terrorists too. We are more than willing to kill innocent civilians to get our way, just like those people do that we claim are terrorists.

The only difference is that we are much better at doing it than they are. We invest more money than the rest of the world combined in our killing machine, (the American military) and because we are willing to spend all that money, we own the oceans, the skies, and we have an army that can defeat who ever is foolish enough to take us on. Like the terrorists who attacked our country, we are not a bit squeamish about killing the innocent who get our way.

The world now knows that terrorism is a two way street, and we are willing and able to terrorize any country on this globe in order to attain our objectives.

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