Iraq Will Be Better Off Without Us

by James Glaser
June 1, 2006

We have been in Iraq over three years, and by now we should have figured out that the insurgents are not going to quit. Our troops are frustrated, and are starting to kill civilians out of that frustration.

Those who want this war will tell you that if we leave, civil war will break out. Many an Iraqi will tell you it already has.

Today, over three years after President Bush declared "Mission Accomplished," our troops shot and killed two women, who were trying to get to a hospital so one of them could have a baby. Washington's excuse for the killing was that these women didn't stop for an American observation post. "Shots were fired to disable the vehicle," was the statement issued by our military.

MSNBC News reported, "AP Television News footage showed the Women's bodies wrapped in sheets and lying on stretchers outside the Samarra General Hospital, while residents pointed to bullet holes on the windshield of a car and a pool of blood on the seat."

We have lost control of the war in Iraq, in truth we lost that control three years ago when we disbanded the Iraqi army, and left all Saddam's ammo dumps unguarded.

If we leave, the foreign fighters in Iraq can claim victory. The Iraqi people can then tell them to leave. Right now we are the enemy of both the Iraqi people and the insurgents. We leave and the Iraqis can fight it out or start rebuilding their country. We stay and they will continue to have us as a target to unite against.

If we stay we lose. If we leave we lose, but if we leave we stop the killing of scores of Americans every month. Stopping the killing of our troops is about the best we can do now.

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