You Know They Aren't Buying It

by James Glaser
July 17, 2006

I'm talking about the Muslims. I happen to be a Christian, but if I were a Muslim in the Middle East I wouldn't be buying Israel's attack on the Gaza Strip and Lebanon.

I would be thinking Old Testament/New Testament verses the Koran. That it is the Christians and Jews, against Islam. Muslims know it is the Christian United States who provides the money and the military arms for Israel. They know we want to start something with Syria and Iran, but we have too much on our plate with Iraq and Afghanistan to start anything new.

If I were a Muslim I would be saying the attacks by Israel this week are a "pay-back" to Washington to get something going in the rest of the Middle East so that America has a reason to step in.

But, being an American and a Christian, I would say they almost have it right, except for the fact that George Bush's wars in the Middle East are for Israel's benefit, and were started so that Israel had an excuse to start something.

Hard to admit, but I think in Washington, especially in Congress, Israel is calling the shots, and that is why George Bush only condemns Hezbollah and Hamas, while giving Israel a free pass to destroy all the civilian infrastructure she wants to.

Israel is doing the same collective punishment of innocent civilians in Palestine and Lebanon as George Bush did in Iraq and Afghanistan. Pitiful third world Muslim countries are being attacked by two Bible believing countries. The Old Testament is filled with war, but our New Testament was given to us by the Prince of Peace. Too bad the Pharisees are still in charge.

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