Americans Take Their Eye Off The Ball

by James Glaser
July 18, 2006

It really isn't our fault that the American media is controlled by those who think the world revolves around Israel, but then again maybe it is.

This weekend four American soldiers were killed in Iraq, and on Monday, in a bold attack, gunman killed over 55 Iraqis who were at a market in Mahmudiya, a town near Baghdad. This wasn't a car bomb or some suicide bomber. Reports from the scene tell of a "gunman on foot, tossing grenades and firing at people.

Alster Macdonald of Reuters, reports that "the local hospital said it took in 56 dead bodies and 67 wounded.

Of course if you were listening to the nightly news or National Public Radio you probably never heard about what is going on in Iraq, with our war and our troops, because what is going in with Israel has taken over the airwaves and the print media over here.

Those in Washington who started our war in Iraq are loving the fact that "no news is good news." Many Americans probably think things must be getting better because the daily carnage report is off the air. It is much better for the poll numbers if all the blood spilled on the news is foreign blood.

If Israel can keep fighting for a few weeks, Congress and the White House can pretty much do what ever they want. The only ones who be looking for news about Iraq are those Americans with loved ones over there.

Israel, Hamas, and Hesbollah could not have helped George Bush any more. . . it is like that is what they are trying to do.

Oh by the way, Saddam Hussein and three of his co-defendants are on the tenth day of their hunger strike. The last Japanese troops left Iraq on Monday. Iraq's Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistana said, "What is going on in Lebanon is outrageous injustice, and the world is going out of its way to ignore it." Also if it was the normal average weekend in Iraq, over fifty American troops were wounded.

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