It Is Sunday Morning
We Continue To Kill Muslim Children

by James Glaser
July 31, 2006

Here in the United States we read with horror of the 36 children killed in Lebanon by an Israeli bomb attack on some small village this past weekend. Actually over sixty plus innocent civilians were killed, and it was reported that 36 of them were children. The deaths of children make for a better headline, so the dead kids got most of the ink.

Here in the United States we read about Israel's war, but in the rest of the world, they know it is our war, too. America is the reason that Israel exists. Even though we are the greatest debtor nation on earth, we still are able to hold most of Israel's foreign debt. We protect Israel in both the United Nation's Security Council with our veto power, and with the billions of dollars worth of arms we give to Israel year in and year out. In fact we give Israel more in military aid than any other country.

Here at home we talk about how we are giving $30 million in humanitarian aid to Lebanon, but if you read a few pages back in the paper there are stories about how we are rushing new bombs to Israel, so the can continue to bomb Lebanon

American bombs are now killing innocent Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, and Palestine. Nobody in Washington likes to use the term, but we might as well call these wars, Crusades. While we are at it, let's take down the Stars and Stripes and run up the flag with a Cross on it. I guess that would at least be more honest.

Post Script:

I know the American media has been giving a blow-by-blow report if anyone is killed or wounded in Israel, and the other day nine Israeli troops were reported killed in an ambush in the South of Lebanon.

Let us not forget about our own troops. In the last few days eight American Marines were killed in Iraq. It is hard to keep a running total because reporting of our troop's deaths are so sporadic. Some where near 48 American troops have been killed this month. We are never told how many of our young people are wounded, but if the average of the last three years holds true, you can figure about 540 have been wounded so far this month

Yes, it is still against the law in the Land of the Free to show the flag-draped coffins of our returning war dead.

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