Hey, Don't Tell Anybody, but Bush Wants More Immigrants

by James Glaser
August 8, 2006

Nedra Pickler of the Associated Press wrote, "With 6,000 National Guard troops deployed to Southwestern states, President Bush said Saturday he has fulfilled his pledge to help beef up border security and challenged Congress to give him legislation that would welcome more immigrants into the nation."

We have no idea of how many illegal immigrants there are here now, but most estimates claim at least ten million, and many put that number at over 12 million. Ten to twelve million illegal immigrants are not enough for George Bush, the American Corporations who make billions with these low wage workers, and the wealthy Americans who employ them as domestic laborers.

The rich of America love having "illegals" whom they can employ without benefits or decent pay to clean their houses, tend their gardens, and in some instances, take care of their children. All the work done by these people from South of the Border is done for a fraction of what a legal American worker would demand.

The reason why we need more and more illegal workers is that after a person has been here a while, they learn that they are being taken advantage of, and will no longer work for the pittance they did when they first came. The rich keep needing new uneducated workers, people who have no idea of what their labor is really worth. They need people who will live twenty to an apartment so their low wages can be pooled together to pay for shelter.

After these people are here a while, they see that Americans live the good life, and they want the same amount of pay. They want a car and a home of their own, decent clothes for their kids, but the low wages they started with are not enough. So they learn how to speak English and find better paying jobs in the construction industry or any other skilled labor position. Those are the very jobs that Americans want and need!

So, there is a constant need for new people who have no idea that they are being taken advantage of. George Bush and the wealthy sector of America that he works for demand these cheap laborers, and if they eventually ruin the labor force for American citizens, well that is just the price you and I, and our children will have to pay.

Post Script:

I was in Pensacola this weekend, and happened to read the story titled, "Bush asks Congress to let more immigrants into U.S." When I got back to Tallahassee on Sunday I bought a paper and looked for the same story as I wanted to see how they handled it. I couldn't find it, and I couldn't find it on line either. I guess the war between Israel and her neighbors has blocked out more that just our war in Iraq. George Bush's War in Iraq has been a great cover for his domestic policy, and now that his Iraqi war has gone so bad, it is a good thing for both George Bush, and the Republican Party in this election year, that another war has broken out. One the media can really report on.

If you watch any of the reporting on war between Israel and the Arab forces in Lebanon the past few weeks, you can realize that in truth, we have had almost no coverage of our war in Iraq.

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