Christians on the Run

by James Glaser
August 9, 2006

Before George Bush attacked Iraq, there were over 1.2 million Christians living there. According to Bishop Andreos Abouna of Baghdad, about 600,000 of them have fled the country.

The Bishop said about 75 percent of those Christians living in Baghdad have left the city to escape the daily sectarian violence.

The Assyrian International News Agency reports, "Since the beginning of the war, the number of Chaldren Catholics, who make up the country's most numerous Christian denomination, had dropped below half a million from 800,000. Many sought new lives mostly in neighboring countries of Syria, Jordan, and Turkey."

"Bishop Abouna said he thought it was unlikely that many of those who had emigrated would return."

97 percent of Iraq is made up of Muslims, with Christians making up the majority of the last 3 percent. Chaldean Catholics speak Aramaic, the language of Jesus. The Bishop said the Christians remaining in Iraq are mostly too poor, old, or sick to leave.

George Bush keeps claiming that he is bringing peace and freedom to the people of Iraq, but some how he forgot about the Christians living there. Iraq's new constitution is based on Muslim law. Christians have been left out of Iraq's new found freedom, and no one in Iraq has found any peace there yet.

About all America has been able to do in Iraq is make sure that it will be a strictly Muslim country, with no room for religious freedom. Before the United States attacked Iraq, they had religious freedom, and some of Saddam Hussein's closest advisors were Christians. Now there is religious violence, and the Christian community has been totally left out of the government.

George Bush's war was like a starting gun, for the Christians to start their race out of their country. Now they are looking for peace in other Muslin countries. Countries with out Bush's peace and freedom.

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