Think About This

by James Glaser
August 15, 2006

You are a Muslim. You're not a fanatic. You don't want to become a suicide bomber. You don't even want to plant road side bombs in Iraq, but you do feel the West, the Great Satan, the United States is out to destroy your people and your religion. Right or wrong, you want to do something to help.

You're not rich, so you cannot finance an attack on the US, and you still have this religious thing about not hurting anyone. So, what the heck can you do to protect your loved ones?

Well now all you have to do is invent a terrorist attack on America. You don't even need much money. What you need is some far out idea, like blowing up ten air planes all on the same day—planes headed for the U.S.

Here is what you have to do. Start hanging out at your local Mosque, and start talking up your idea. Also, look for recruits to help out in the plot. Never tell them this is a hoax. Always carry several cell phones and make a lot of calls back to some Arab country. Soon some FBI agent or a paid informant is going to tip off the authorities.

Yes, you will be sent to prison for years, maybe forever, but you are going to cost America billions in added airport security. Some of that freedom that George Bush keeps telling the world you hate is going to be taken away from the American people, because you will have given Bush a new excuse.

Your actions will cause a lot of stress for American citizens, and the total cost in new programs and lost time by business could reach into the billions. The added bonus is that you won't have to pull a trigger or detonate a bomb.

America is running scared. This last week Washington forced Great Briton to arrest some potential bombers who could have been doing what I have just described. The Brits didn't want to pull the plug on the investigation just yet. They wanted to catch the ring leaders and figure out if the plot was real or not.

Washington needed a terrorist plot which they could use to raise the threat level and get people's minds off the anti-war Democrat win in Connecticut.

Senator Joe Lieberman was a three term Democrat whose only fault was to back the President to the hilt on the war in Iraq. He went down to defeat in a primary election to a novice candidate who was anti-war. The Republicans needed a terror threat. It has worked so many times before. American citizens start thinking for themselves, and the Bush administration starts waving the flag, brings out the color coded threat warning, and makes Americans scared. They forget that anti-war vote, the Democrats look soft on National Security, we all lose a bit more freedom, and the Republicans win another election.

I don't know if these terror stories can keep working for the GOP. They have called 'wolf' so many times in the last few years. Bridges, planes, railroads all were threatened. There have been no attacks, and no attackers.

Larry Beinhart writes, "By the way, every major European nation has had successful arrests and real trials of real dangerous terrorists. The most ferocious terrorist arrested in the United States since 9/11 has been the shoe bomber. Ten, twenty, forty, a hundred billion dollars, a trillion dollars, and the best we have to show for it is the shoe bomber."

He goes on with, "We have trashed the Bill of Rights. We have trashed the Geneva Convention. We have a president and a vice-president willing to go to the mat to fight for the right to torture people."

Now all it takes to get the Unites States in a tizzy about security is a plan of an attack. Terrorists can bleed out our money with a plot a month. They don't need to ever really attack, because we are running scared.

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