I Know, It Makes No Sense

by James Glaser
August 16, 2006

It seems like every day since the last election there is something discovered about what the President or his staff is doing. Either they are subverting the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, or they are out slamming someone who had the guts to disagree with them. If George says it looks like rain and somebody says the sun is out, George starts yelling about how they are soft on terrorism. Yeah I know that doesn't make much sense, but that is our President.

I was reading how when the Halliburton Corporation was run by Dick Cheney, he started selling oil drilling equipment to Iran. Today, Halliburton sells about 40 million dollars worth of equipment to them every year. This was in a story about how the VP thinks Iran is such a bad country.

I took civics in high school. I know a lot of things have changed since then, but the basics of government have stayed the same. At least I thought things stayed the same.

Now here is a head line that tells me Washington is running amok. "Federal Judge OKs Law Signed by Bush Even Though the House never voted on It."

It seems that Federal Judge John D. Bates, agreed with the Bush administration that it was alright for the President to sign a bill that had not been passed by Congress.

Buzzflash.com reports. "a Clerical error created a $2 billion discrepancy between the two versions of the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005, which each respectively passed the House and Senate by the slimmest of margins. The mistake was quickly identified, but Bush rushed to sign the stinger copy—which cut two years off of Medicare coverage for certain medical equipment—despite being warned in advance that the bill he was about to approve had only been voted on by one half of Congress."

Now instead of admitting that he messed up, the Bush administration lawyers got a Federal Judge to say it was OK for him to put this bill into law, even though Congress told him it was never voted on.

I guess those members of Congress who wanted a bill voted on before the President signed it were just soft on terrorism too. Yes, Again I know it makes no sense, but that is what Washington is like with George Bush as President.

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