If Bush Can Claim an Israeli Victory in Lebanon, It Won't Be Long Before He Claims Victory in Iraq

by James Glaser
August 17, 2006

George Bush may be the only person in the world claiming victory for the Israeli Army. Many people believe that both the Israeli Prime Minister and the general in charge of the war will be asked to step down.

There are two things George never talks about and that is, who is Hezbollah, and why does Israel hate them so much?

For starters, Hezbollah, means Party of God. It started out in 1982 as a militia in Lebanon. They fought the Israeli occupation of that country for 18 years, and finally forced the Israelis out in 2000. Today Hezbollah is more than a militia. They are a political party with members in Lebanon's Parliament, and they are also a social service organization that provides schools, hospitals, and clinics for the people they represent.

Hezbollah is still a militia, and their one stated goal is the destruction of the "Zion entity." That would be the State of Israel. Washington and Tel Aviv brands Hezbollah a terrorist group, but in Islam they are freedom fighters, and the only group in the world to defeat Israel. With this victory in 2006, they have now done it twice.

Washington can call Hezbollah terrorists, but for Muslims, Israel is the Terrorist State. If you google "Israeli massacres in Lebanon," you will get 9,280,000 hits. You can read about the Sabra and Shatila massacre along with scores more going back to 1948. Now Israel will deny many of them, but not all of them, and remember, the Muslims believe every one of them. If our media were on the Arab side for all of these years like we have been on Israel's, we would believe them, too.

In the war between Hezbollah and Israel this past month, Israel reported 40 civilians killed and Lebanon reported about 900 of its civilians killed. During the 18 years that Israel occupied Lebanon, many thousands of civilians were killed.

So, it doesn't matter if we believe Hezbollah is a terrorist group, because the people of the Middle East don't believe it, and they never will. They know how many civilians the Israelis have killed, and even with all the suicide bombers of the last ten years, Israel has killed many times the number of civilians that the Muslims have. It is just here in America, our media is tainted, and we don't ever get the whole story.

Now we have a delusional president telling the world Israel has won again, and what is so strange about George's perception is that even Israel disagrees with him. What George is saying is an example of the propaganda we have been fed for the last 60 years about what is going on in the Middle East.

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