We Have a Choice

by James Glaser
August 21, 2006

We can keep America the way it is, or we can merge with Mexico. Patrick Buchanan, has just written a book titled, State of Emergency: Third World Invasion and Conquest of America.

Nobody likes to talk about what is happening to our country with millions of illegal aliens flooding across our southern border, but Buchanan lays out some scary facts.

For example, "by 2050 there will be 100 million Hispanics concentrated in the U.S. Southwest." How about this,"One in every twelve people breaking into America has a criminal record."

This week our federal government announced that we have ten to eleven million illegal aliens living here, but many think that is a conservative estimate, and that it could be over twenty million. We already know for sure over 10% of Mexico's population is living here.

Pat Buchanan has some ideas if we want to save the country, but they are harsh, and many Americans are very timid when it comes to protecting our heritage. Pat thinks we should deport every "illegal alien convicted of felonies and every gang member that is not a U.S. citizen." I find it hard to believe we are not doing that now, but we aren't.

"A ten year moratorium on all legal immigration, at a level JFK favored in 1958 — 150,000 to 250,000 a year." A break like this might let us step back from the flood we have been having, and give us a chance to figure out what we really should do with immigration.

"A $10-billion, 2000-mile double-line security fence between the United States and Mexico, built with no apologies to Mexico City." For over a decade Mexico has been pushing its poor and criminal class across our border. They have made demands on our government for their people who came here illegally, and it is time we put the money into securing our border.

Here is another fact, every month we catch over 150,000 illegal aliens sneaking into our country. The cost of processing them back across the border is huge. We really don't have any idea of how many are not caught.

If we don't put a stop to this flood of illegals, the United States will change from the country we have now. If we want that we can keep our borders open and see what happens. We must remember though, there is no going back. Unless we put a stop to those breaking our laws to get here now, we will never have the chance to keep our country the way it is.

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