Can You Say, CHINA?

by James Glaser
August 23, 2006

Yes you guessed it, I was at a Dollar General Store tonight. Everything in the store is a dollar. Did you know they have large solar calculators, and yes, they are a buck. Their toys and games each sell for a dollar. They have back to school materials and cleaning supplies all priced at a dollar.

There are photo albums, picture frames, and mirrors. Shampoo, dish soap, hand soap, and laundry soap all at a dollar. There are aisles of supermarket food, even coffee at a buck. It may be true that you have never heard of the brands, but if you are not making much money, or you are a student, or you care nothing about quality, the Dollar Store is a great place to shop.

There are even a lot of real deals. Things you would pay twice as much or more for at other stores are at the dollar store.

If you ever wondered why that plant down the street closed, all you have to do is walk into the Dollar Store. The people in China must shake their heads when they make some of the junk we buy. Thousands of tiny plastic toys shrink wrapped on brightly colored card stock. Plastic lamps and plastic dishes, plastic tools and plastic ornaments. Everything packaged in garish colors.

American manufacturing plants were never set up to make the things we buy today. Quality no longer sells in America. China makes almost every thing we buy. We did it to ourselves. Nobody buys American any more, because there really isn't that much that you can buy that is made here. We can't compete with 17 cents an hour pay. Free trade has done us in. Yes, we can buy cheap now, but that is what you get.

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