Are The Troops Dying In Vain?

by James Glaser
August 28, 2006

Now isn't that a terrible question? I would have to think that the parents and loved ones of the troops killed in Iraq now are asking that very question. Sure they would want to believe their Soldier or Marine was killed defending America, but even President Bush now says Iraq had nothing to do with the 9/11 attack.

We also know there never were any weapons of mass destruction to worry about. That was just a scam by the White House to get us into the war. So many things about this war in Iraq stinks, and maybe the most important one is that President Bush is now trying to change our laws so he and his administration can't be charged with War Crimes, for not only our attack of Iraq, but also all the dastardly things we have done there.

It is still a crime to torture people, and bombing hospitals and power plants is a crime, too. Holding families hostage should be a crime if it isn't one now. Somebody should be held responsible for the hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians who have been killed and wounded. We are told that something like a million innocent people over there have been displaced from their homes. Neighboring countries have taken in hundreds of thousands.

So, we have an illegal war going on, and we still have American troops being killed almost every day. More troops have been killed so far this month than were killed in the whole month of July. That would be 47 so far and even though they keep the number of Americans wounded secret for about a month, we can figure that about another 500 have been maimed this month.

Somebody told me that poor people use terrorism to fight a war, and that rich countries use war as terrorism.

Sunday evening on "Two soldiers were killed in Iraq Sunday, a day after another American soldier died in a roadside bomb explosion, the US military command said." "One soldier died in western Baghdad on Sunday afternoon after a roadside bomb explosion hit the vehicle he was traveling in, while another was killed by gunfire in the eastern part of the capital, the military said in statements (AP)"

Do you really think the families of those soldiers are going to feel like their loved ones were defending our country, or do you think they will think they were defending George Bush's reputation? It is a sad question, but with the vast majority of Americans now thinking the war was wrong in the first place, you have to wonder why those in Washington are doing nothing to end this war.

The way things are going, thousands more, probably tens of thousands more American troops will be killed and wounded before our politicians decide to end this blood bath. That would be tens of thousands of just our people. That doesn't include the tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians who will most certainly continue to die.

Nobody can say we are bringing peace and democracy to the Iraq, and after learning the history of our conflict over there, it sure is a stretch to say our troops are defending America. So tell me. Why are our troops still dying over there?

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