We Got Hacked

by James Glaser
August 30, 2006

Sometime Monday a group called "PROHacker" took over my web page. They had "FUCK ISRAeL" and "FUCK America" on there with a couple of burning Israeli flags.

They also had a picture of a dead child, and it said, "Cry when we see kids die." I can't blame them for that as seeing dead children takes a lot out of you.

The other text said, "Stop War in Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

I was wondering why they picked my site as I am against all those wars, and I do write about the horror of dead children, but then I found out that everyone on the server I am on got hacked.

We probably don't have all the high tech things you need to protect our site, but this hacking gave me a thought. Terrorists could hurt America badly if they got better at hacking, and some day you know they will. It is only a matter of time.

America depends on computers. Somebody could hurt us with no loss of life on their side if they can mess with our computer grids. I hope Homeland Security is on top of this, but with the people we have running things in Washington, I think we better start worrying.

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