Bush Raises bin Laden to Statesman Level

by James Glaser
September 6, 2006

The only reason George Bush was quoting Osama Bin laden yesterday, was that Bush has failed to capture or kill the leader of al Qaeda. It has been five years since Bush was talking about getting him "dead or alive."

Myway.com reports that Bush "laid out bin Laden's vision in detail, including new revelations from previously unreported documents." Now George wants us to believe these unreported documents, much like he wanted us to believe the reports of Saddam buying uranium from Niger, or like he wanted us to believe the Weapons of Mass Destruction he spun to get us into his war in Iraq.

There is an election coming up in November and the Republicans certainly can't run on their domestic policies of the last six years, how they have handled our money, or how they have protected our borders. The only chance they have is if President Bush can scare the American people about terrorists fighting us in the streets of American cities.

That is Bush's claim, if we leave Iraq, the "terrorists" will some how find their way over here, and our cities will start looking like Baghdad. The only trouble is that most Americans now realize that the terrorists we are fighting in Iraq are really Iraqi freedom fighters who are trying to push the invading American forces out of their country, or they are members of one of the factions in an Iraqi civil war.

Even though the hard core of the religious right in America still believes that it was Iraqis who attacked us on 9/11, most Americans rightly believe that those terrorists were from Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and Egypt. Most Americans now know that Bush took our troops out of Afghanistan and the search for Osama, so he could start a war in Iraq.

Scare tactics are all George Bush has left to stop the Democrats, and he will pull out all stops to keep a Republican majority in the both the House and Senate. George knows if his party loses either, he will face real investigations into what he has done to our country, and he also knows that impeachment is a real possibility.

Post Script:

It is a shame, but now when George Bush makes a speech I have doubts about what ever he has to say. He has lost my trust and most Americans feel the same as I do. The problem isn't just Bush's. The fact is that most American presidents have lied to us. The problem George Bush has is that he got caught in his lies while still in office. Other presidents were not found out about until years after they left office.

George Bush is willing to sacrifice thousands of American troops, just so he does not have to admit defeat in Iraq, in the hope of protecting himself by having his Party hold on to a majority in Congress. Bush's place in history will reflect the blood he has on his hands.

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