Politics and a Lot of It

by James Glaser
September 7, 2006

We have two more months before the fall elections, and both will be filled with political moves by our elected officials. Congress will be in session for the first month, and not much will get done. Then everyone gets a month off with pay to campaign for another term.

Bill Frist, the Senate Majority Leader has said, "I think it would be next to impossible to pass a comprehensive bill that includes dealing with the diversity of 12 million people here in the next three weeks." That would be political speak about an immigration bill, and the 12 million people would be the 12 million illegal aliens who have broken the law to live here.

Republicans don't want to deal with this hot button issue, because President Bush wants a guest worker program that would lead to citizenship for every illegal alien that is here now, and those who will follow. What Senator First knows is that many in the Republican Party do not agree with the President, and most likely they couldn't get the bill passed.

The Democrats don't want to see anything done, because they can come before the American people and say, the Republicans have control of both Congress and the White House, and still they can't get anything done.

What we should remember is that in these two months that nothing gets done, every member of Congress will make about $28,000 in salary. That is chump change to most of our elected officials, but it is a year's pay to millions of hard working citizens.

Congressmen have the luxury of doing nothing day in and day out, and still they get paid. Many of us feel good about their doing nothing, because usually when they do do something, it either costs us a lot of money, or it takes away some of our freedom.

So, for the next two months try and keep from listening to what politicians have to say. . . . it will mostly be hot air or out right lies. Think about what has been going on the last six years, and think real hard if you want to vote for an incumbent from either party.

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