by James Glaser
September 12, 2006

The definition of a monger is, "A person who attempts to stir up or spread something that is usually petty or discreditable—usually used in combination."

On Monday, the anniversary of the 9/11 attack, President George Bush had this to say, "We are fighting to maintain the way of life enjoyed by free nations."

George Bush is still trying to tell the world that he went to war to protect America's freedom, and that this war is like something akin to a war like WW II.

Yes the 9/11 attack was horrible and a real crime, but it was not an act of war. It wasn't carried out by some nation's army. It was committed by a gang, a criminal gang that has no country, no form of government, nothing tangible that we can attack.

The President would still have us believe that he is fighting to save our way of life, our freedom, and our democracy. He wants us to believe that some how a couple of thousand terrorists can take over America. We now have 145,000 troops in Iraq, a country one-twelfth the size of the United States, and we have had those troops there for longer than we were in World War II, and we still can't take control of that country.

Yes 3,000 Americans died in the 9/11 attack, but that is all the terrorists have been able to do in five years. They had their big hit. Now George wants us to believe these people are going to take us over if we don't do like George wants.

The truth of the matter is, the terrorists never attacked us because of our freedom or our democracy. They attacked us because of our foreign policy. Osama bin Laden told us why he attacked us. First off we had our troops on what Osama believes is sacred ground (Saudi Arabia) and second, we were, and are backing Israel against the Palestinian people.

Now we have backed Israel in its war against Lebanon, and we have attacked both Iraq and Afghanistan. We have given the terrorists two fine training grounds, and we have given them the best recruiting tool they could ever ask for. That would be videos of dead Muslim women and children, and bombed out Mosques.

Still there are only a few thousand, less than ten thousand terrorists world wide. They have no Army, no Navy, no Air Force, no Marine Corps, no Special Forces. They are more akin to the mafia than a real army. They are criminals and should be brought to justice.

George Bush will milk the anniversary of 9/11 for all he can get. Make no mistake about it, George Bush is the terrorist attacking our freedom and democracy. He is right now spreading fear every chance he has, so that he can obtain more and more power.

I believe it was Franklin Roosevelt who said, "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." Today I would have to say the only thing we have to fear, is George W. Bush.

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