Dead Bodies in Baghdad

by James Glaser
September 14, 2006

They found another hundred dead bodies in Baghdad yesterday. It seems like every day they are coming up with bodies, and in the report is says, "Their hands were bound, there were signs of torture, and they were shot in the head execution style."

Finding tortured, bound, and shot bodies is an every day occurrence in Baghdad these days. Bodies floating in the river every day. Not just one body, but lots of bodies. Bodies dumped out on the road or left in a vehicle parked on the side of the road.

Think about raising children in this carnage. Kids like to play down by the river. Just thinking about what those kids have seen in their young lives makes me feel ill. You catch a whiff of the smell of dead bodies and it is something you will never forget. I can't imagine what a bunch of bodies left in a van in Baghdad's heat looks like when people have to get them out to take them to the morgue.

Dead bodies in Baghdad have got to be some sort of grisly industry now. First thing every morning I would hope that the authorities have people out there looking for bodies before the children are up and about. The smell alone is going to clue you in to where they are. Then somebody has to transport them away, and I sure hope they have clean up crews for what is left in the area.

From the news reports we see, there has to be bits of body parts all around Baghdad. When a car bomb goes off in a crowded market, you know there is going to be a real mess.

I know that "life goes on," but the killing in Baghdad has been happening every day now for years. Children are growing up in this atmosphere.

President Bush and much of our Congress are telling us that things are looking up in Iraq, and that we are on the road to victory. While they are telling us that, some one in Baghdad is cleaning up a bombing location, or a place that bodies were dumped, or they are fishing bodies out of the river.

Each and every day those jobs go on in Baghdad, and our politicians say things are getting better over there.

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