We Are Fighting Them Over There,
So We Don't Have To Fight Them Over Here

by James Glaser
September 19, 2006

That seems to be the basis for our war in Iraq. The theory goes, as long as we can keep the "terrorists" fighting in Iraq, they won't be able to attack us on the streets of American cities.

It is better to destroy Baghdad than it is to risk destroying New York, Philadelphia, or maybe your home town.

Something seems morally wrong with this way of waging a war. It seems pretty certain the terrorists, if they really are terrorists, are there to attack American troops. Many the world over believe that those fighting us in Iraq are really Iraqi freedom fighters, who are trying to push an occupying army out of their country. As long as we can continue to hold out American Soldiers and Marines as bait, the theory says that the terrorists will keep putting all their eggs in one basket, and keep killing our young men and women over there.

Along with killing American troops, scores, hundreds, heck thousands of innocent Iraqis are being killed, too. Our troops are the bait, but they are standing out in front of the innocent women and children of Iraq.

Something tells me that in God's eyes Iraqi children have the same right to life as American children. So, the question keeps popping up. What right do we have to keep a war going on in the civilian population areas of Iraq?

Is it morally right for us to use the innocent children of Iraq as a shield to protect us from the potential threat of an attack on our own children?

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