I Think It Is Called,
Counting Your Chickens Before They Hatch

by James Glaser
October 5, 2006

Sometimes I wonder why 25% of Americans have a favorable opinion of Congress. Then I remember they must be the 25% who are either related to a Congressman or somebody that is making money off a government contract.

The new thing that got me thinking about this, was the report in the New York Times, about how the Republican Congress voted twenty million dollars into the new Defense budget, "To pay for a celebration in the nation's capital for commemoration of success in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Last month 74 American troops were killed in Iraq, and way over 500 were wounded. Finding out the numbers of Americans wounded in Iraq is always hard, but according to "Iraq Coalition Casualty Count," between September 6th and September 26th, 532 Americans were wounded. That works out to almost 27 American casualties a day, and Congress is putting millions of dollars away so they can have a victory party in Washington.

Not only is victory a long ways away, we still have no idea of what the heck constitutes a victory in Iraq. Nobody I know has ever heard what the plan is to achieve that victory, but rest assured that members of Congress have the victory party all mapped out, and blowing twenty million in borrowed money fits right in to how Washington has managed our money for the last six years.

Post Script:

Just a thought. A twenty million dollar party in Washington would be a party for the very people who voted to send our troops into war. Thousands of our troops have been killed. Tens of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians have died. Thousands of Americans have had limbs amputated, who knows how many Iraqis have had their limbs removed, probably in a very painful manner. Hundreds of thousands of thousands of Iraqi civilians have been displaced from their homes, and many of them from their country. All this, and Congress wants to have a celebration. Go figure!

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