Nations No Longer Fear America's Military Might

by James Glaser
October 11, 2006

It was almost five years ago that George Bush delivered his "Axis of Evil" speech, where he put Iraq, Iran, North Korea, and the world at large on notice that the United States would not put up with rogue regimes having weapons of mass destruction.

That was the reason we told to the world, that we attacked Iraq. George Bush said that even if we thought a nation was thinking about attacking us, we had the right to attack them first.

Now, all these years later we are watching as both Iran and North Korea continue down the path to what they think are bigger and better weapons for their nation's defense. They know and the world knows that with George Bush as the Commander in Chief, even a nation as pitiful as Iraq can bog down the American Army for years. More than that, the world now sees that the Taliban in Afghanistan are still fighting the United States and at least right now, they are making gains at taking back their country.

Is America a paper tiger or is it the fact that in both Iraq and Afghanistan, patriots are willing to suffer and die in order to defend their homeland from the occupation of the United States? Both Iran and North Korea can see that they can do what ever they want with American forces bottled up in George Bush's wars.

Our enemies and our friends watch what George Bush is doing, and they listen to what George Bush is saying. They see what George has done in Iraq and Afghanistan. They heard his "Axis of Evil" speech and they also hear things like George Bush saying, "I just want you to know that, when we talk about war, we're really talking about peace" George Bush says things like that, and people have to wonder what kind of man has the United States put in power?

Many nations looked at America's President as the leader of the free world, and thought that America's military was the most powerful in history. George Bush has changed that. Free nations no longer look to us for leadership, and rogue states no longer fear America's judgment about what they are doing. Unless America makes changes soon in the direction that George Bush has taken us, the axis of evil will grow, and many more nations will seek weapons of mass destruction for their self defense.

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