Sorrow in America

by James Glaser
October 16, 2006

Every Sunday, lists the headlines from the local newspapers, about local military funerals around the country. These are the home town papers that write about the deaths of the local men and women killed in George Bush's war on terrorism.

It doesn't matter, small town or large city, there is always an out pouring of grief at every military funeral, and for the past three or four years, we have been having those funerals almost daily. The following is this Sunday's list for the past week.

First Promoted, Then Mourned (VA)

Soldier (MD) Killed in Iraq Tried to 'Whitewash' His Peril, Family Says

Southfield (MI) Charity's Worker Killed in Iraq

Newlywed Mechanicsville (VA) Soldier Killed by Roadside Bomb

Nevada Soldier Was to Have Returned Home in November

12-Year National Guardsman (MO) Loses Life to IED

Northwest Louisiana Marine Dies in Iraq on Second Deployment

'All American' Dies Protecting Fellow Troops (KY)

Montana Has Lost Another Son in the 'War on Terror'

Marine From Cuyahoga Falls (OH) Succumbs to Wounds

Security Contractor (FL) Is Killed in Iraq

New York Marine Killed on Third Tour

Marine (TN) Saw Military Service as a Calling

Alabama Loses Another Hero

Sheridan (OR) Contractor Killed in Iraq

'He Wanted to Be a Fighter' (NH)

Soldier From Brevard County (FL) Dies in Afghanistan

Connellsville (PA) Marine Killed by IED in Iraq

Family Grieves for Soldier (OR) Killed in Iraq

Valdosta (GA) Family Mourns Soldier's Death

We Interrupt Uncivil Politics to Apologize to a Deceased Soldier (AZ)

Edgerton (KS) Native Killed in Iraq Combat

Soldier, Member of California Circassian-Muslim Community, Killed in Iraq

Jonesboro (GA) Soldier Dies in Iraq

Soldier (PA) Was His Mother's Pride and Joy

Soldier From Hawthorne (CA) Dies While Serving in Afghanistan

Improvised Bomb Kills Marine From Shreveport (LA)

While parents, wives, children, siblings, and loved ones of those killed mourn, others have to deal with Soldiers and Marines who have returned with a lost limb or limbs, their vision gone, others their hearing, still others their brain function.

Multiply the losses we feel for our loved ones by a factor of ten or maybe a hundred, and you have some idea of the grief and suffering that the Iraqi people are feeling. Our losses are in the thousands, theirs are in the hundreds of thousands.

All this grief and sorrow for a war that didn't need to happen. George Bush's war in Iraq is a war of choice. Our troops are neither defending America nor are they attacking an enemy who attacked us. That makes the sorrow and grief all the more poignant.

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