Can You Believe It? .... They Lied Again

by James Glaser
October 18, 2006

"They," would be the politicians we elect in Washington. You know it really doesn't matter any more which party you talk about, because Democrats are every bit as bad as the Republicans.

Case in point, the 700 mile fence along the Mexican border that Congress has touted as some how being the answer to the flood of illegal aliens who sneak into out country each and every night. So far it is estimated that 10 to 12 million have come here so far.

Well, Congress, the members of both Houses, and both parties are now claiming that they have put a thumb in the dyke, and this fence will put a stop to illegal immigration. Fencing 700 miles of a 2,000 mile border does not make for a good barrier. On top of that, the Washington Post reported on October 6th, "No sooner did Congress authorize construction of a 700-mile fence on the U.S. - Mexico border last week than lawmakers rushed to approve legislation that ensures it will never be built, at least not as advertised, according to Republican lawmakers and immigration experts."

Republicans have been using the fence as one of their greatest accomplishments in this last session of Congress. Many from both parties are running for re-election on this bill.

The Post goes on with, "But shortly before recessing late Friday, the House and Senate gave the Bush administration leeway to distribute the money to a combination of projects—not just a physical barrier along the southern border. The funds may be spent on roads, technology and "Tactical infrastructure" to support the Department of Homeland Security's preferred option to a 'virtual fence.'"

This means the money to build a real barrier along the border will now be spent on more gimmicks, so that a real fence will never be built. Now have you heard any one from Congress get up and say this is wrong or even tell us about this last minute change in plans for the fence?

Right now we only have one Border Patrol Agent per mile protecting our border. With that kind of commitment to secure borders, we might as well admit that the Bush administration, Congress, and the major corporations have had their way, and we have an open border policy with Mexico.

Thousands of illegal aliens cross into our country every night, and we have not invested the money or the man power to stop them. Congress passed the bill for the fence on the border as an election ploy, but at the last minute they got cold feet and passed another law, almost a secret law, to make sure even this partial barrier would never be built.

Congress lied, the Bush administration lied, but we really should be used to that by now.

Post Script:

National Public Radio reported today that in the first sixteen days of this month, 59 American troops have been killed in Iraq and over 400 have been wounded. How many politicians have you heard say things are getting better in Iraq? Our elected officials don't tell us things like the change in how they were going to build a fence on our border, and they don't tell us about how really bad it is in Iraq for our troops. It has gotten to the point that they can look us in the eye, and lie.

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