I Don't Know About You, But I Voted To Stop the War!

by James Glaser
November 10, 2006

If you listen to the pundits on television, you find that they are debating if the end of the war in Iraq will come before George Bush's term in office is up, or if the next president will have to end it.

As far as I am concerned, I think we should bring our troops home tomorrow. Yes, I know about all the talk of Iraq turning into chaos if we leave now, but the truth is Iraq is chaos now, and will remain so, no matter when we leave.

The American people wanted us out of Vietnam in 1969, but it took four years before we actually got the troops home. In those four years, 30,000 more American were killed, and tens of thousands more were wounded.

Every Soldier or Marine, who has been killed in Iraq, wasted his or her life. No, they were not protecting our freedom or our way of life. They were not and have not brought freedom and democracy to the people of Iraq, but they have brought them pain, suffering, and sorrow. George Bush started this war with a pack of lies, and he has been changing the reasons we are fighting in Iraq every few months.

Truth be told, Iraq, like every other war is being fought so that some Americans can get richer. America is the Merchant of Death in this modern world, and the American tax payer buys the bullets and bombs, the tanks and planes, and the land mines, too. We buy them, and our military uses them up, so we have to buy more.

The corporations who make our war materials have a steady flow of income, and the people who own those corporations make lots of money. It is a shame so many young Americans (and the poor civilians we attack) have to die or be maimed so the profits can keep coming in, but that is the price we pay so that some Americans can live the good life.

America just finished voting the Republicans out of power in the Congress in hopes of bringing the troops home. President Bush still talks about victory in Iraq. I think the only way to get our troops home soon, will be if the Democrats stand up and say, either bring home the troops or we will start impeachment. George wants history to look at him with favor, and still has delusions of grandeur with victory parades marching down Wall Street in New York.

I voted to end this war. I don't care what it takes—it is time for the Democratic Party to take the gloves off. Right now they have the country behind them.

Post Script:

No, I have no idea why my page has been down for the last few weeks. I think the people who took it over should be called pirates. I wrote to them asking what was up and how I could get my web page back. All they would tell me is that they had no plans to sell my domain name to me or anyone else at this time. Somehow my web master, Ken Holder, got everything straightened out, and I am back on the air waves so to speak. Now I have no faith in the internet and everything could be down again tomorrow.

I would like to thank all the people who wrote to tell me about reading my site. It surprised me that so many from overseas missed my writing. All I can say is Thank You! James Glaser

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