Monday, Four More GIs Killed in Iraq

by James Glaser
November 15, 2006

Last week most Americans voiced their opinion of the war in Iraq, by voting in anti-war candidates. Last week George Bush accepted the resignation of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.

This week we are back to the same old, same old, counting the number of American Soldiers and Marines killed in Iraq. George Bush is talking about victory, and Senator John McCain is saying we need to send more troops to Iraq.

I wish the President would go on national television and tell the American people what those four young Americans died for.

Then I would like all the Democrats to stand up and tell us why they are standing around with their thumbs up their rear ends.

Every day we keep our troops in Iraq, means that more Americans will die. You can figure that about two to three of our troops are killed each and every day. On top of that somewhere around thirty are being wounded. That means limbs lost, eye sight gone, and many with horrible painful burns, but for what?

How many weeks, months or years will it take to bring our troops home? Will a hundred more troops die or a thousand. Will a thousand more be wounded or ten thousand? Those elected on an anti-war ticket have what they want now, they won their election, but now they sit by silently as more and more American blood is shed for what we now know was a lie.

We are not in Iraq to destroy weapons of mass destruction. We sure are not there to bring peace and democracy. We are still pouring millions into permanent military bases, and really have no plan on how to get our troops out of there.

So, the politicians will talk and talk, go on the Sunday morning news programs and talk some more, and all the while they are talking, young Americans will be shedding blood for no good reason at all.

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