McCain Says 20,000 More Troops
I Say, Bring Back Saddam or Someone Like Him

by James Glaser
November 20, 2006

Senator John McCain has been saying for months that our war in Iraq is immoral if we are not there to win. He has been claiming for a couple of years now that we need more and more troops, that we have to ask our Soldiers and Marines to continue to make multiple tours, and that we have to ask those ready to come home now, to extend their tours.

I think we can all understand now why Saddam Hussein ruled Iraq the way he did. It took a ruthless leader to control the different factions there are in Iraq. George Bush thought democracy would do the trick, but we now know that no matter if every man, women, and child had a purple finger after Election Day, the hatred of centuries would prevail. Blood feuds are the way things work in countries like Iraq, and you can't control a blood debt with the rule of law. In Iraq it really is an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. You kill mine. . .  and I'll kill yours.

When Saddam Hussein was in power, there were fewer killings. Yes, the things he did to his people were horrible, but as horrible as they were, they were never on the scale that they are on today. In the time that George Bush's troops, our troop, have taken over Iraq from Saddam, some where between 150,000 and 600,000 Iraqis have been killed. Some cities like Fallujah have been all but destroyed. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis have been wounded, and some estimate that over a million have been displaced.

George Bush's way of helping Iraq has become nothing but a disaster. America will leave, either soon or after we try one final push with tens of thousands of more troops, who will escalate the amount of violence we see in Iraq every day now. When everything is over, and we have removed our troops, some strongman will emerge to take control. He will have to rule something akin to the way Saddam did, or the country will fragment into three fiefdoms.

Men like George Bush and John McCain refuse to admit that Iraq was a mistake, and they still have some silly illusion of victory parades. When millions of innocent civilians suffer and hundreds of thousands of them die, there can never be something called a victory, there can only be an end to the hostilities. The sooner we leave, the sooner the killing will stop

Post Script:

Now I not trying to say Saddam was in any way a good guy, the man was a thug, but he knew how to rule Iraq. For about twenty years Saddam was our "Man in Iraq." We paid him, we gave him weapons, and he did our bidding. We knew how he ruled, but he was our "boy." Then he screwed up and attacked Kuwait, and we went nuts on him.

A few weeks ago Saddam was convicted of killing some of his people, and our puppet government in Iraq will probably hang him. Saddam was convicted of killing something like 182 Iraqis. That is terrible, but more than that die of violence every two days now. A couple of years ago we discovered thousands of dead bodies in the Iraq desert, and we were going to pin that on Saddam, but then we figured out that they were the troops that our tanks buried alive in their trenches with the plows we had on our tanks in the first Gulf War. Google that up and read about it. Saddam is really small potatoes. We know how to kill on a really grand scale. When George Bush first had us attack Iraq, some Iraqi battalions became a "pink mist" after out bombers finished with them. No bodies to even find when we were through.

When America leaves Iraq there will still be a lot of killing for a period of time, and then things will slow down and the Iraqi people will figure out what is best for them. One thing for sure, the Iraqi people do not want permanent American bases in their country. We could have been heroes if we left after taking out Saddam, but George Bush wanted more, and now he has lost everything.

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