I would Say Stay In Iraq If. . .

by James Glaser
November 25, 2006

. . .If things we getting better, but they are not.

President Bush, his administration, and much of the Republican Congress still talks about victory, freedom, and democracy in Iraq, They talk about how Iraqis are being trained to take the place of American troops, and they have been talking about that training for a couple of years now.

On Sunday, we will have been fighting in Iraq longer than we fought in all of World War II. Things in Iraq are not winding down, they are getting worse. Now many in the right wing of America want to send more troops into the horror of Iraq.

I don't know who said it, but here is a quote as I remember it. "If you keep doing the same behavior over and over again and expect different results, you are sick." Here we are still doing the same thing in Iraq, year after year, and we keep thinking things will change, and Iraq will become some sort of model democracy, and freedom will ring out through out the Middle East. Well that thought has been proven to be pretty sick.

Iraq, like it or not, is in a civil war, and it has been in a civil war for a couple of years now. It doesn't matter if the President of the United States says otherwise or if Senators and Representatives agree with the President, the fact is that one group of Iraqis is fighting another group of Iraqis, and both groups are fighting our American troops.

We are the odd man out. Nobody like us except the people we throw money at, and now even they are taking sides against us.

If, like the President says, things were getting better, we would see a little bit of improvement as the years go by. We don't see that, in fact we see the exact opposite. Year after year we see things getting worse and worse. The key words here are "year after year." Soon we will be in our fifth year in Iraq, and still we have learned nothing.

We continue to send troops to Iraq, we continue to attack Iraqi civilians, and the Iraqis continue to try and push us out of their country. Yes, I would say that we should stay and try to clean up the mess we have started over there if I could see a glimmer of hope or improvement. The truth is that our troops are not helping things, and the longer we have stayed, the worse things have gotten.

That brings me back to that old saying about doing the same thing over and over again. We have been doing that in Iraq for years now, and that is pretty sick.

That makes me believe the best thing we can do for our country and Iraq, is to leave.

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