It Is Time To Start Impeachment

by James Glaser
November 28, 2006

Monday night on the Lou Dobbs television show, retired Generals Paul Eaton, Bernard Trainor, and retired Marine Colonel Thomas Hammes were interviewed about the chaos in Iraq. Colonel Hammes talked about the immoral policy of our government not supplying our troops with the equipment they need for the fight in Iraq. Neither of the Generals disagreed with that Marine.

We have been in Iraq for over three and a half years. Thousands of American troops have been killed or wounded because we didn't supply them with armored vehicles and body armor. This is equipment that we have, but for some sick reason it is making its way over to Iraq in dribs and drabs. With the money we are spending on this war, there is no excuse for not supplying our troops. Think back to all the speeches you have heard where President Bush has repeatedly claimed that he would give our troops the equipment they need to do their job.

Mr. Dobbs noted that American families are still having fund raisers to buy their loved ones the body armor the Pentagon has failed to give them.

Three and half years into this war and we are still trying to figure out how to train the Iraqi Army so they can take over from our American troops the job of protecting their country. Three and half years later and we still don't have a workable plan to train the Iraqi troops.

George Bush is heading to the Middle East this week for talks about Iraq, Washington is waiting for a report from the Baker Commission, and more American troops are being killed and wounded every day.

George Bush and his administration have no plan for what we are doing in Iraq. Almost every congressman and senator has his or her idea of what to do, but we as a nation are treading water, waiting for someone to throw us a life line.

Is it an impeachable offense for the President to stand around and watch as American troops are killed each and every day? Well, I think so. I think it is a crime that George Bush wasn't impeached a couple of years ago. If he had been, and had our troops been sent home, thousands of American troops would not have been killed or wounded.

Every American Soldier or Marine who was killed due to lack of armored equipment should be listed as a homicide, and George Bush and those who work for him should be charged the crime of murder.

People will argue for years if George Bush's war in Iraq was on the up and up. Many will claim that the evidence of weapons of mass destruction was fabricated, others will talk about the hype of Iraq attacking the US (mushroom shaped clouds over American cities) or how the administration had most Americans thinking that Saddam Hussein had something to the 9/11 terrorist attack. What no one will argue about is how poorly the Pentagon planned for the occupation of Iraq after our initial attack. Years from now there will be lists of the mistakes we made, but one mistake will stand out, and that will be the fact that we had the technology and equipment to protect our troops from many of the roadside bombs that killed and maimed thousands, but for some unknown reason the Bush administration decided to put that equipment on a slow track to the front, which directly caused the loss of thousands of troops. That in my book is a "High Crime," and a very strong reason to impeach George Bush.

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