Try Googling “Impeach Bush”

by James Glaser
November 29, 2006

Try it some time. First thing you notice is that there are 1,730,000 web pages on the subject. If you start looking at some of them, you will see some sites with 10 reasons to impeach George Bush, while others have 25 reasons to do it.

You can sign a petition or buy an "Impeach Bush" T-shirt or bumper sticker. How about a yard sign, or maybe you are a high roller and want to chip in on a bill board.

Five towns in Vermont have already voted on impeaching President Bush, and George lost in all five towns.

Most people who want an impeachment fall into two camps. There are those who love our Constitution and Bill of Rights, who can see that George Bush is trashing both documents. Then there are the people who feel that George Bush's war in Iraq is all wrong, and they want it to end about right now.

Now just to show you how out of touch the President is, Caren Bohan, reporting for Reuters said, "President George W. Bush brushed aside talk of a civil war in Iraq on Tuesday and insisted the United States would not withdraw its forces before its mission of building a stable democracy there was complete."

On National Public Radio it was reported that President Bush is still talking about victory in Iraq.

Adolph Hitler was telling the German people how well the war was going even when the allies were marching on Berlin. Not only have we lost any hope of victory in Iraq, now the majority of people in the world think of George Bush as the biggest threat to peace in the world.

George Bush has cost us our reputation, and he has borrowed and spent as John McCain says, "like a drunken sailor." Bush's spending spree has given us record deficits for four years in a row, and every year he has been in office, our nation's debt has grown.

There is no telling what George Bush can do in these next two years, and just maybe an impeachment is the only way we can save our country.

Post Script:

My son called me from New York last night to tell me about the van in front of him. It had a bumper sticker that said, "Love My Country" and had a sticker for a country western radio station, but in the two back door windows there were signs that said, "Take My Liberty" / "Give Me My Security." Scarey Huh?

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