It Looks Official To Me:
No One In Washington Supports the Troops

by James Glaser
December 4, 2006

I listened to the President, I heard what his national security advisor had to say on the Sunday news programs, and I read everything I could find about what the members of Congress were thinking about Iraq, and it looks like our troops will be there for a long, long time.

What bothers me is that whenever one of our politicians is asked a question, he or she always gets away with not answering that question. They go on and on about whatever they want, then they look the man asking the question right in the eye, almost like they are daring them to restate the same question, and every time those Sunday morning hosts back down.

I think what they are afraid of is if they keep hounding some politician to answer the question asked, no other politician will come back on their show. So every Sunday we get to watch political softball being played as if it was something of real merit. What it is, is disgusting.

In the last couple of months we have been having about three American troops killed each day in Iraq, and on top of that, about 25 Americans are wounded each day. Not one Sunday "News" program brought up those numbers, but they are a fact.

When one of those politicians starts talking about the troops being in Iraq for another year or two, what they are really saying is that we are willing to let another thousand or two thousand troops die, and another ten thousand, maybe twenty thousand troops be wounded.

To a man, nobody is standing up for the troops and telling the truth about our Soldiers and Marines being killed and wounded for political and financial reasons. I have no doubt that many of our politicians are making money off of this war with their investments, or with future jobs with defense contractors. Sometimes it isn't the politician who makes the money, but a loved one, and you can't tell me there aren't kickbacks under the table. We know that is true, because some of the more blatant ones are now in prison.

If I thought George Bush's war in Iraq was protecting our nation, or even if by our troops being there we were doing something to help the Iraqi people, I would say we should keep our troops there, but have a drastic change in tactics.

The sad truth is, when we attacked Iraq, we started a war with a pitiful third world country. Iraq had never attacked us, nor did it ever have the means with which to attack us. With our use of a "shock and awe" bombing campaign on large Iraqi cities filled with innocent civilians, we have soiled America's image and reputation all around the world. There is not now nor has there ever been a chance for us to win any sort of victory in this illegal war. The world knows that, now most American citizens know that, and when those in Washington figure that out, our troops will finally come home.

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