This Surge Thing Might Just Work

by James Glaser
January 11, 2007

I think that is what George Bush is thinking. This surge might work, and then on the other hand it might not work. I believe George Bush has no idea of which way this escalation will go, but again I don't think the President cares one way or another.

We have spent something like a half trillion dollars on this Iraq war so far. If George can keep the war going longer, so much the better for those who make money off the war.

I know nobody wants to think about that, but making money off of America's wars has been going on steady ever since World War II. George knows, and those who back him know that every day longer that this war goes on, a lot of people make a lot more money.

I am not talking about millions of dollars in profits. I am talking about billions of dollars in profits. George Bush, Dick Cheney, and a lot of other powerful politicians in both parties make money off of this war and every war we have. It might not be a direct pay check or a stock option, but in some cases it is, and many people in Washington are happy the fighting continues.

Even after we do finish up in Iraq, we will have to spend hundreds of billions, maybe a trillion more just to replace all the equipment we have destroyed. How good do you think a tank is that has spent the last four years operating in the desert? Why do you think we always leave equipment behind or give it to the new armies we build. Who do you think is going to equip the new Iraqi Army?

Well the American tax payer is, and that means billions in profits for the Merchants of Death, who are now supplying the Pentagon with everything they want.

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