Our Two Top Guys in Washington Are As Scary As All Get Out

by James Glaser
January 16, 2007

Yes, of course I am talking about George Bush and Dick Cheney. It is scary to think that these two knuckle heads are the most powerful men in the world right now.

For the last few years George Bush has been telling the world, "We can; you can't." What he is talking about is nuclear weapons. George has decided that America can keep its thousands and thousands of atomic bombs, but the rest of the world, at least the countries who don't have them yet, can't make the "bomb."

Along with the fact that George wants to stop any new production of nuclear weapons, he has decided (George is the self proclaimed "decider") that we, the United States, can make new weapons any time he wants us to.

Remember the bunker-buster bomb he wanted a couple of years ago? Well, even the Republican Congress stopped that one. Now George is at it again. This time he wants something called the "Reliable Replacement Warhead." This bomb won't break down and will replace the thousands of bombs we have sitting in storage today. Get this, the companies who are going to make these will guarantee them, even with no test to see if they work. We are talking hundreds of billions of dollars here, maybe trillions. George owes somebody big time for his two election wins, and with all eyes on Iraq, George wants to slip this one by everyone.

Meanwhile Dick Cheney is out in front talking about the "troop surge" for Iraq. Dick was telling Fox News, "I have yet to hear a coherent policy from the Democratic side. If the United States doesn't have the stomach to finish the task in Iraq, we put at risk what we've done."

I would sure like to know what we have done in Iraq that is so important that we can't put it at risk. What we have done, is get over 3,000 American troops killed and about 23,000 of our troops wounded. On top of that we have helped kill hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians; we have destroyed much of the country; we have caused psychological damage to a couple of generations of Iraqis; and we have displaced over a million Iraqi civilians.

If Dick wants to talk about stomaching something, let's talk about what he did as a young man when our country was at War in Vietnam. Here is a quotation from Dick Cheney when he was explaining why he never joined up to serve, "I had better things to do."

Dick Cheney had better things to do when young men his age, the same age as our troops in Iraq are today, were dying in Vietnam. George Bush at that same time (when he was the right age to fight for his country) was a deserter.

Now these two guys are in charge of the greatest military in the history of the world, and they want to send more troops into battle, and they want new nuclear bombs to use. Scary is not the word, I think frightening is way more appropriate.

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