Waiting in Fear

by James Glaser
January 22, 2007

Last night Antiwar.com was claiming that 30 Americans lost their lives this weekend, while the New York Times was setting the number at 27. Either way, Saturday became tied with the second deadliest day in Iraq for our American troops since George Bush send in the first troops almost four years ago.

All over America there are the fathers, mothers, wives, children, and siblings of our troops serving in Iraq, who fear that knock on the door or that ringing of the bell by the officers sent to inform the families of those killed in Iraq this weekend.

Washington doesn't give out the names of those troops killed until their families have been notified. So, the families of every Soldier, Marine, Airman, and Sailor are on pins and needles right now.

The really sad thing about this weekend's deaths is that we all now know that these deaths are a waste. Right now our politicians in Washington are battling back and forth, trying to decide what is the right thing to do about the quagmire we are in over there. Many politicians from both sides of the aisle want to start pulling our troops out of Iraq now, while President Bush is set on sending more troops into Iraq.

Either way, the troops over there now are in a state of limbo. They have no idea which way things will go, and they have no clear direction on what they are supposed to do. Our troops know that the Generals who lead them last month said they didn't think new troops were needed. Those same troops watched as the White House removed those generals from command, putting in new Generals who agreed with the President's idea of a troop surge.

When our troops see shakeups like that, they know that they are just pawns in the game, and nobody really knows what to do.

Over two dozen of our troops were killed this weekend while they were waiting for Washington to figure out what they should be doing. Their families are sitting at home in a state of fear for their loved one's lives. The Politicians in Washington are talking on TV, to the newspapers, and at press conferences. Nobody really knows what is going on, but we all know that the troops continue to die.

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