My Notes from George's State of the Union Speech
All We Are Asking, Is To Give War A Chance

by James Glaser
January 24, 2007

I watched George's speech last night and took notes as I was watching. I stayed tuned and watched Senator Jim Webb give the Democrat's response. I didn't want to add anything by watching the talking heads give their take, so here is what I wrote down. Some are attempts at writing down a quote and others are just the thoughts I had while listening.

Don't leave problems to future generations.

41 months of growth, and 7.2 million new jobs.

Will balance the budget after Bush is out of office for three years.

Affordable healthcare

His plan would make healthcare within reach for those who now have no health insurance

Expand health savings accounts

Double the size of the Border Patrol

Flood Gate open for Mexicans

Temporary Worker Program

More nuclear power

Reduce gasoline use by 20%

New fuel economy standards for cars

Step up domestic oil production

Must take fight to the enemy

Why is there terrorism?

What do we do that makes people willing to die to hurt us?

The Muslims want to kill us.

"What every terrorist hates is human freedom"

"Every one wishes this war was over"

Still talking about VICTORY!

"People in Iraq want to live in peace"

"We are sending 20,000 more combat troops to Iraq"

"20,000 more troops are our best chance for success"

We are training terrorists in Iraq

George can still smirk

All we are asking is to give war a chance

92,000 more Soldiers and Marines

Volunteer Civilian Corps?

American mercenary army

No nukes for Iran

Fight AIDS in Africa

"It takes the average worker a year to make what his CEO makes in a day"

"The President took us into this war recklessly"

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