What Is The State of Your Union?

by James Glaser
January 25, 2007

George Bush told all of us what he thinks the state of the country is like, but George is in a different part of our country, and his perspective is not the same as ours. George lives in the White House, and it is a fact that George Bush has had more vacation time than any other president. That would be paid vacation time.

George Bush has people who cook for him, clean for him, drive and fly for him. Everyone smiles when they see him, and every day he is saluted a bunch of times by the Marines who guard him. He wants a cup of coffee and people fall all over themselves getting him one.

George has a swimming pool and a movie theater, and if he is watching some movie or television show, he can ask that the actors come watch it with him, and if at all possible, they do.

Being President is a hard job, but it does have its perks.

Meanwhile, you and I are you might say are on a lower step on the social ladder. I just got done washing up the dishes from dinner, and this weekend we are going to clean up the house. Funny how that gets away from you if you go to work every day, and there is no one cleaning up after you.

George was talking in his speech about how he has created 7.2 million jobs while he has been in office. Now I don't know if those are the jobs that the 10 million+ illegal aliens have taken, or what kind of jobs they are. It seems to me that flipping burgers or taking fast food orders shouldn't be counted. There should be some sort of threshold placed on what counts and what doesn't. If the job only pays minimum wage or let's say less than a livable wage, well that job should not be counted. Also, I think they should only count jobs that employ American citizens.

Now I know when George is flying to Camp David or to his ranch in Texas, he can't see any homeless people from thousands of feet in the air, but do you think he can see any out the limo window or are they tinted too dark to see anything?

George Bush has his own doctor at his beck and call twenty four hours a day, so this health care thing must be pretty much a mystery to him. Remember, George's dad was a Congressman, the head of the CIA, Vice President, and President. So, growing up George had very good health care paid for by the government. I bet in his early years George thought everyone had the same coverage, kind of like universal health care.

I know people like the President never see an emergency room at the hospital, heck they probably have one right in the White House if George or his family have any problems. I doubt too, if George ever has to wait for an appointment at the VA. No way would they make the President wait six months or a year to have a medical test. One of the biggest parts of any VA Hospital or Clinic is the waiting room.

I guess I can see where George Bush thinks things are going just great for the country. I thought it was a nice touch, how he introduced the NBA star from Africa who is a legal immigrant and now legal citizen. I was impressed by the man who saved the guy under the subway train, and I thought it was smart to introduce a military hero who had kept all of his limbs. It would have been a bad mistake to have some blind vet with no legs and only one arm. Worse yet, would be having some guy whose head had been blown away. He would have had to just sit there and drool.

The President's opinion about the State of the Union is right on from where he is sitting, but there are a lot of us who can't quit see what he is seeing from where we are.

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