George Bush Has Two More Years to Destroy America

by James Glaser
February 5, 2007

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) —
    President George W. Bush said on Saturday his upcoming budget proposal would emphasize restraint on domestic spending while making defense and war costs for Iraq and Afghanistan the top priority.

Remember, since his attack on Iraq, George Bush has claimed to be a War President. Iraq and Afghanistan will be his legacy. Another legacy he will be leaving for us is an increase in the National debt of over four trillion dollars.

In his first six years in office, George Bush has been able to add over three trillion to our debt, and there is every chance that he could surpass his own record of deficit spending in his last two in office. George W. Bush owns every record there is on government spending. He gives a new meaning to the phrase "big spender."

From where George Bush is sitting everything looks fine. George's friends in the oil and defense industry are having record profits. It is when you get away from Washington that you start to see where America is failing. We still haven't cleaned up the mess of hurricane Katrina, and any cross country road trip will tell you that our infrastructure (bridges and roads) needs plenty of work.

Over 44 million Americans are without health care, and the over ten million illegal aliens living here use the emergency rooms of our hospitals as free clinics.

Many middle income Americans have not seen a real increase in their take-home pay buying power for decades, and the only people making a 'killing," these days are those in top management and CEO positions.

In the next two years we can look forward to George Bush using our credit card to finance his continued destruction of America's reputation, with the continued spilling of innocent Iraqi blood and the blood of our troops.

When terrorists attacked our country in 2001, George Bush had the whole world with us. Six years later George Bush is thought of as the biggest impediment to peace in the world, and much of the world now looks at America as an evil nation.

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