Need I Say More?

by James Glaser
February 7, 2007

    Published on Tuesday, February 6, 2007 by the Guardian / UK
    Bush Slashes Aid to Poor to Boost Iraq War Chest

You know you are not going to find a headline like that in an American newspaper. Of course it is always easier for papers in Great Britain to talk about us, than worry about their own back yard.

If you think back to George Bush's State of the Union speech, you might remember how he talked up his idea of balancing the budget some three years after he gets out of office. . . without raising taxes. That way if we don't get the budget balanced then, George can always say, "If they only followed my plan." Back here in the real world of 2007, George Bush wants to spend more money.

I believe it would be true to say that George Bush has already spent more money than any other president in history. No doubt he has spent more borrowed money. So, what does he want to do now? George wants to increase the tax money that goes to his friends in the defense industry by way of Iraq. The money the United States spends on Bush's war in Iraq pays off every political debt George Bush has ever had or will ever have. You know, like his father, when George W. Bush gets out of office he will be making million dollar speeches to those who made the big money off his war on terrorism.

So, how can George spend more money in Iraq, still keep his budget balancing act together, and not raise taxes? Well, for George Bush that is an easy one. It is called "taking from the poor and giving to the rich." Kind of a reverse Robin Hood scheme.

George wants to cut $66 billion from Medicare. That would be the government program designed to help the elderly with healthcare costs. On top of that he wants to cut another $12 billion from Medicaid. That program was set up to help with the healthcare the poor get.

It all seems so easy, all we have to do is screw over the old and poor in America and those already made rich by George Bush's wars will get even richer.

Here is something else to remember. Before the Iraq war started, the Pentagon projected that the whole war would cost just $50 billion. Lawrence Lindsey, a White House economic advisor was fired by George Bush when he suggested that the total cost would be $200 billion. Strange how a British newspaper can remind us of these facts, but they are lost to the American media.

By the way, according to the Congressional Research Service, the Iraq war has cost $500 billion so far. Add to that the extra $70 billion George is asking for now and the $141.7 he says he needs for Iraq next year and you can see why we have to step on the old and the poor.

Jesus put a premium on "giving to the least of these my brethren," and our president has forgotten about that value. George Bush stressed Jesus Christ in his first campaign for president. He brought Christ back when he ran a second time, but now he is all about being a War President. Money for bombs, and planes, and Soldiers, and Marines, but no money for the old and the poor. America will pay a price for that neglect. Jesus Christ and his teachings don't pay off in this world, but he could catch up with George and those who make money with him in the next.

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